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Reject the nomination of Gaddi H. Vasquez to serve as the next Peace Corps Director.

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Gaddi H. Vasquez, the nominee to be the next Director of the Peace Corps, has no professional or personal experience in international development, volunteerism, or public service that would qualify him to hold this important position. In addition, serious questions have been raised about his ethics and management skills during his only tenure as a public official in Orange County, California.
     In the 40 years since the Peace Corps was established, no person has been nominated to serve as Peace Corps Director with such significant and unresolved concerns stemming from his or her professional background. To find answers to these questions and address these concerns will require the Senate to conduct a long and thorough investigation into Mr. Vasquez’s background. This will further delay the confirmation of new leadership for the Peace Corps at a critical time in its history and distract the agency from its mission.
     The Peace Corps is a national treasure that has enjoyed wide-spread support here at home and earned enormous admiration for our people and our country internationally. The 7,500 Peace Corps Volunteers serving overseas today deserve a leader who will bring distinction to the job of Director. Therefore, we urge the Senate to reject the nomination of Mr.Vasquez. We encourage President Bush to nominate an individual of demonstrated competence, experience, and integrity to serve as the next Director of the Peace Corps.
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