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Pas d’Anglais

I wrote this during training. I apologize in advance for potentially offensive comments
contained herein. But they offer a snap shot of the way I felt at the time.

Well it’s been 8 long weeks since the USA
Hell of time trying to learn francais
Though it’s hip to speak Arabic
Boule with French just makes me sick
If you’re wondering why I feel this way
It’s because all day long the Stagierres say

Pas d’ a nglais
The only thing I hear them say
Only word I know anyway is
Pas d’ a nglais

We’ve played with mud and spliced up trees
Planted a garden to feed the monkeys
Fought blister bugs, drank sugar tea
Nous sommes perdus, where the Tchadian Sea?
Got a hot tip from the buvette committee
Start drinking heavy before the town meeting
They’ll filibuster and not listen too
In English, French and Kanembou
When I stand up and open my face
The Formatierres all say it’s disgrace

Pas d’ a nglais
Seulement chose j’ ecoute
Seullement ils ont parle

Pas D’Anglais

Pretty soon I’ll be at post
I’ll know just how to great my host
Inta afe, dude, how do you do?
Salaam Alek, Usmak yatou
Tell you about the summer in Dougiay
hackysack and Gala everyday
You wanna hear about the Corps de la Paix
Let me say it in French, just the right way

Pas d’ anglais . . .

Sometimes I wonder what world I’m in
Watching and waiting for some sins to begin
Crying for the one I left behind
But there’s new friends waiting who’ll make me feel fine

At COS here’s what I’ll do
Give a “G-Man” the five-finger salute
See the girls wear shorts on Saturday night
Eat boule with my left; hide a hanky with my right
Swim the Chari; wear my shoes on a mat
Wash my shorts outside, when I’m done with that
Dump the ORS drink Tequila instead
Give arrachid to Musselman to crack with his head
If they ask me why I act this way
You bet you’ll hear me say

Pas d’ francais
Only words you’ll get from me
Read my lips, you’re gonna see
Pas d’ francais

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