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The Griot

The Griots I met in Africa were not the romantic figures presented in this song or popular lore. The guys I met were talented drunks. Just like American performers.

The Griot tells his story
Tales of long ago
Heroes and bravery
Love and woe

He’s the living legacy
The guardian of the past
Sifting through history
For truth along the path

Now who will paint the picture?
Of all that’s come to be
I guess, the only answer
Is the Griot who lives in me

There’s hope in his persuading
His gentle entertaining
That when you sit and listen
You’ll get up and act

His life is not a factor
His voice only the vector
But he knows that his feelings
Are caught up in the facts

But when the men with guns appear
His is the voice they fear
Living like a gypsy
They’ve got to hunt him down
Oh Lorca, Lennon, Saro-wiwa
Your blood blessed hallowed ground

So let us paint a mural
Of life and love and peace
Yes we have the answer
In the Griot, you and me

David Kendall Grant earned a Ph.D. in International Education and believes his Peace Corps experience is an integral part of his approach to writing and living. He has attempted to “bring the world back home” in words, pictures and music and has produced a number of albums of primarily acoustic and folk styled music. All his works are available for free downloads at the following websites:


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