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March 2005

Recent books by Peace Corps writers

There are eighteen new books by Peace Corps writers.

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Of writers and books

Talking with . . .

    Terez Rose (Gabon 1985–87) interviews Elizabeth Letts (Morocco 1983–86)


Books for children

    Burn by Sandra Meek (Botswana 1989–91) reviewed by John Isles (Estonia 1994–94)

    The Bush Survival Bible by Gene Stone (Niger 1974–76) reviewed by Tony Zurlo (Nigeria 1964–66)

    The Captured by Scott Zesch (Kenya 1982–84) reviewed by Tom Hebert (Nigeria 1962–64)

    Clearing Customs by Martha Egan (Venezuela 1967–69) reviewed by Brian Kane (Honduras 1994–96)

    Final Exam by P. F. Kluge (Micronesia 1967–69) review by Mark Brazaitis (Guatemala 1991–93)

    Journeys by Jennifer B-C Seaver (Iran 1966–68) reviewed by Darcy Meijer (Gabon 1982–1984)

    Quality of Care by Elizabeth Letts (Morocco 1983–86) reviewed by Terez Rose (Gabon 1985–87)

    The Serpent's Kiss by Mark T. Sullivan (Niger 1980–82) reviewed by W. Tucker Clark (Nepal 1967–70)

    She Smiled Sweetly by Mary-Ann Tirone Smith (Cameroon 1965–67) reviewed by Maureen M. Smith (Cameroon 1987–89)

    The Shortest Way Home by Elaine Reidy (Dominican Republic 1963–65) reviewed by Marnie Mueller (Ecuador 1963–65)

    Things Are Different in Africa by Frederick Edward Pitts (Congo/Mali 1992–93) reviewed by John Rex (Ethiopia 1962–64; Namibia 2003–04)

    Writing the Journey by David Espey (Morocco 1962–64) reviewed by Jason Boog (Guatemala 2000–02)

A Writer Writes


War and Peace Corps


To Preserve and to Learn


New at the site

  • Recently added to our “Bibliography of Peace Corps Writers”:
    • Jude Andreasen (Niger 1980–83, Zaire 1985–86, Mauritania 1986–87
    • Hap Cawood (Sierra Leone 1962–64)
    • Raymond C. Clark (Nigeria 1963–65)
    • Chava Dagan (Sri Lanka 1994–96)
    • David Espy (Morocco 1962–64)
    • Aliona Gibson (South Africa 1999–2001)
    • Karen Larsen (Bulgaria 1996–98)
    • Elizabeth Letts (Morocco 1983–86)
    • Allen Merriam (Afghanistan 1965–67)
    • Robert Randall (Nigeria 1964–66)
    • Doris Rubenstein (Ecuador 1971–73)
    • Mark Valle (Zimbabwe 1995–96)
    • Tony Waters (Thailand 1980–82)
  • For writers, a new Friendly Agent
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