G (Ge... Gi... Go... Gu...)

Diane Gallagher (Cape Verdi 1990–92)

  • At Home in the World: The Peace Corps Story, contributor, Peace Corps/USGPO, 1996

Bret Galloway (Botswana 1989–91)

  • Black Papyrus: A Year in the Life of an African Village, Unlimited Publishing, 2003 (Buy this book)

John Garamendi (Ethiopia 1966–68)

  • Peace Corps: The Great Adventure, contributor, Peace Corps/USGPO, 1997, 1999

Kara Garbe (Burkina Faso 2001–04)

  • A Life Inspired: Tales of Peace Corps Service, contributor, DC: Peace Corps/USGPO, 2006

Allyson Gardner (Guinea 1996–98)

  • A Life Inspired: Tales of Peace Corps Service, contributor, DC: Peace Corps/USGPO, 2006

Judith A. (Olmsted) Gary (Nigeria 1963–65)

  • Cairene Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, with Saad Gamal-Eldin, London, Dover NH: Croom Helm Descriptive
    Grammars, 1981

Dianne Garyantes (Dominican Republic 1989–91)

  • Peace Corps: The Great Adventure, contributor, Peace Corps/USGPO, 1997, 1999

Don Gayton (Colombia 1966-69)

  • The Wheatgrass Mechanism: Science and Imagination on the Western Canadian Landscape, Calgary: Fifth House Publishers, 1990
  • Landscapes of the Interior: Re-explorations of Nature and the Human Spirit, Philadelphia and Gabriola Island, BC: New Society Publishers, 1996

Beth Genovese (Panama 2002–04)

  • A Life Inspired: Tales of Peace Corps Service, contributor, DC: Peace Corps/USGPO, 2006

Rosemary George (Ghana)

  • Letters from the Peace Corps (contributor), Washington: Robert B. Luce, Inc., 1964

Jerry Germer (Somalia 1964-66)

  • Country Careers: Successful Ways to Live and Work in the Country, NY: John Wiley & Sons, 1993 (Buy this book)
  • The Complete Guide to Building and Outfitting an Office in Your Home, Cincinnati, Ohio: Betterway Books, 1994.
  • Quick Guide: Insulation & Ventilation, with Ron Grover, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Creative Homeowner Press, 1995. (Buy this book)
  • Bathrooms, Upper Saddle River, NJ : Creative Homeowner Press, 1996. (Buy this book)
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Carpentry, National Kitchen & Bath Assoc, 1997 (Buy this book)
  • Planning Your Addition, Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Creative Homeowner Press, 1998. (Buy this book)
  • Horning In: The Grown-up's Guide to Making Music for Fun, with Lucie Germer, Marlborough, N.H.: Frost Hill Press, 2000. (Buy this book)

Mary-Joan Gerson (Nigeria, staff spouse 1965-67)

  • Why the Sky Is Far Away: A Folktale from Nigeria, Retold by Mary-Joan Gerson (Buy this book -- paperback), Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1974; illustrated by Hope Meryman. Little, Brown & Co., Inc., pictures by Carla Golembe, 1994
  • Omoteji's Baby Brother (Buy this book), illustrated by Elizia Moon, NY: H. Z. Walck, 1974
  • How Night Came from the Sea: A Story from Brazil (Buy this book), pictures by Carla Golembe, Boston, MA: Joy Street Books, 1994
  • People of Corn: A Mayan Story, pictures by Carla Golembe, Boston, MA: Little, Brown, 1995
  • The Embedded Self: A Psychoanalytic Guide to Family Therapy (Buy this book), Hillsdale, NJ: Analytic Press, 1996

Donna Gerstle (Tonga 1971–72)

  • Gentle People: Into the Heart of Vava`u, Kingdom of Tonga: 1781-1973, San Diego, Tofua Press, 1973
  • Tonga Pictorial: A Tapestry of Pride (Kupesi 'o Tonga: Ko e Makatu'unga 'o e Laukau) with Helen Raitt, photos by Christopher A. Gist, San Diego: Tofua Press, 1974.

Donna Gessell (Fiji 1979–82)

  • Peace Corps: The Great Adventure, contributor, Peace Corps/USGPO, 1997, 1999

Edward Gibney (Ukraine 2003–05)

  • Around the World in 857 Days, Lulu, 2005 (Buy from Lulu)

Aliona L. Gibson (South Africa 1999–2001)

  • Nappy: Growing Up Black and Female in America, Harlem River Press May 1995; Writers & Readers Publishing. 2000 (Buy this book)
  • For Black Writers...A Personal Account of How to Write, Publish and Market Your First Book, ALG Publishing 1998 (Buy this book)

Beth Giebus (Morocco 1990–93)

  • Only the Mountains Never Meet: Folk Tales, Legends, and Proverbs As Told to Peace Corps Volunteers, Washington: Peace Corps, 2000
  • Voices From the Field: Reading and Writing About the World, Ourselves and Others, editor, Washington: Peace Corps, 2002 (to download a PDF copy)
    PEACE CORPS WRITERS Best Children's Writing Award winner, 2003

Virginia Gilbert (Korea 1971-73)

  • The Earth Above, Huntsville, AL: Catamount Press, 1993
  • That Other Brightness, Black Star Press, 1996 (Buy this book)
  • Greatest Hits: 1970-2003, Pudding House Publications (81 Shadymere Lane, Columbus, Ohio 43213) 2004 (Purchase from publisher)

Emalee Gruss Gillis (Gabon 1984–86)

  • Touched by Adoption, Nancy A. Robinson, editor; green River Publishing, 1999 (Buy this book)
  • MaryJane's Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook: For the Farmgirl in All of Us, Clarkson Potter, 2005 (Buy this book)

Tom Gilroy (Senegal 1973-75)

  • In Bikole: Eight Modern Stories of Life in a West African Village, illustrated by Monica Vachula, NY: Knopf, 1978
  • The Haiku Year, with Michael Stipe, Douglas A. Martin, Grant Lee Phillips, Anna Grace, Steve Earle; Soft Skull Press, 1998; 2004
  • Spring Forward, Water Row Press, 2000

Philip E. Ginsburg (Philippines 1961-63)

  • Poisoned Blood, NY: Warner, 1989
  • The Shadow of Death: The Hunt for a Serial Killer, NY: Scribner's, 1993

Anne Gittens

  • Tales from the South Pacific Islands, no publisher, 1977

John Givens (Korea 1967-69)

  • Sons of the Pioneers, NY: Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1977
  • A Friend in the Police, NY: Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1980
  • Living Alone, NY: Atheneum, 1981
  • Going Up Country, Travel Essays by Peace Corps Writers (Buy this book), Scribner's, 1994
  • Living on the Edge: Fiction by Peace Corps Writers, contributor, Curbstone Press, 1999 (Buy this book)
  • A Guide to Dublin Bay: Mirror to the City, The Liffey Press, 2007 (Buy this book)
  • Irish Walled Towns, The Liffey Press, 2008 (Buy this book)

Anthony Glavin (Costa Rica 1968–70)

  • One for Sorrow and Other Stories, Dublin: Poolbeg Press, 1980
  • Nighthawk Alley, Dublin: New Island, 1997
  • The Draughtsman and the Unicorn and Other Stories, Dublin: New Island, 1999 (Buy from Amazon.co.uk)

Martin Gleason (Nigeria 1961–63)

  • At Home in the World: The Peace Corps Story, contributor, Peace Corps/USGPO, 1996

Mel Glenn (Sierra Leone 1964-66)

  • Class Dismissed: High School Poems (Buy this book), Clarion Books, 1982
  • One Order To Go (Buy this book), Clarion Books, 1984
  • Play-by-Play (Buy this book), Clarion Books, 1986
  • Class Dismissed II: More High School Poems (Buy this book), Clarion Books, 1986
  • Back to Class: Poems by Mel Glenn (Buy this book), Clarion Books, 1988
  • Squeeze Play: A Baseball Story (Buy this book), Clarion Books, 1989
  • My Friend's Got This Problem, Mr. Candler (Buy this book), Clarion Books, 1991
  • Class Dismissed! High School Poems (Buy this book), Clarion Books, 1991
  • Class Dismissed II, More High School Poems Houghton Mifflin, 1986
  • Who Killed Mr. Chippendale? A Mystery in Poems (Buy this book), Lodestar Books, 1996
  • The Taking of Room 114: A Hostage Drama in Poems (Buy this book), Lodestar Books, 1997
  • Jump Ball: A Basketball Season in Poems, Lodestar Books, 1997 (Buy this book)
  • Foreign Exchange: A Mysteryin Poems, Morrow Books, 1999 (Buy this book)
  • Split Image: Story in Poems, HarperCollins, 2000; HarperTempest, 2002 (paper) (Buy this book)

Robert S. Glew (Niger 1989-90)

  • Hausa Folktales from Niger (Children's book) (Buy this book), translated and edited with Chaibou Babale, Ohio University Press, Monographs in International Studies, Africa Series #63, 1993

C. D. Glin (South Africa 1997–99)

  • A Life Inspired: Tales of Peace Corps Service, contributor, DC: Peace Corps/USGPO, 2006

Jack Godwin (Gabon 1982–84)

  • The Arrow and the Olive Branch: Practical Idealism in US Foreign Policy, Greenwood Publisher, 2007 (Buy this book) Review

Nicholas J. Goetsfridt (Fiji 1983-85)

  • Indigenous Literature of Oceania: A Survey of Criticism and Interpretation, Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing Group, 1995

Jacqueline Gold (Cameroon 1987–89)

  • At Home in the World: The Peace Corps Story, contributor, Peace Corps/USGPO, 1996

Ethan Gologor (Somalia 1962–64)

  • Psychodynamic Tennis, Wm. Morrow, 1979 (Buy this book)
  • Psychodynamic Running: The Complete, Definitive, Madman's Guide to Distance Running and the Marathon, Select Books, 2008 (Buy this book)

E. Michael (Mike) Goodkind (Nigeria 1965–67)

  • Help! My Underwear Is Shrinking: One Woman’s Story of How to Eat Right, Lose Weight, and Win the Battle Against Diabetes, with Jo Ann Hattner, and Ann Coulston. Alexandria, Va.: American Diabetes Association, McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books, 2003 (Buy this book)

Stefan C. Goodwin (Nigeria 1965–67)

  • Malta, Mediterranean Bridge, Westport CT: Bergin & Garvey, 2002
  • Africa's Legacies of Urbanization: Unfolding Saga of a Continent, Lexington Books, 2006 (Buy this book); 2008 paperback (buy from publisher)
  • Africa in Europe: Volume One; Antiquity into the Age of Global Exploration, Lexington Books, 2008 (Buy this book)
  • Africa in Europe: Volume Two; Interdependencies, Relocations, and Globalization, Lexington Books, 2008 (Buy this book)

Lauren Goodsmith (Mauritania 1989–91)

  • The Children of Mauritania: Days in the Desert and by the River Shore, (Children's book) Carolrhoda Books/Lerner Publications, 1993; First Avenue Editions, reprint, paper 1997 (Buy this book)

Susan Gordon (Costa Rica 1964–66)

Lew & Fran Gottfried (Dominican Republic 1970-72)

  • Traveling Uncharted Paths: A Tale of Two Retirees & the Peace Corps, Lima, OH: Fairway Press, 1992

Alan Gottlieb (Ecuador 1980–81)

John Goulet (Ethiopia 1964–66)

  • Oh's Profit, New York: Morrow, 1975.
  • Yvette in America: A Sequential Novel University Press of Colorado & Ft. Collins, CO: Center for Literary Publishing, 2000 (Buy this book) REVIEW

Thomas E. Gouttierre (Afghanistan 1965–67)

Beatrice Grabish (Uzbekistan 1992–94)

  • At Home in the World: The Peace Corps Story, contributor, Peace Corps/USGPO, 1996

Judith A. Graeff (Cote d'Ivoire 1970-72)

  • But Do They Have Field Experience!, compiled & edited by Elayne Clift, Potomac, MD: OGN Publications, 1993 (Contributor)

Angelica Simmons Graf (Brazil 1962–66)

  • Letters from the Peace Corps (contributor), Washington: Robert B. Luce, Inc., 1964

Robert B. Graham (Micronesia 1969-71)

  • The Microchip Caper, Illustrations by Sharon Alshams, Island Heritage, 1997. (Buy this book)
  • The Secret of Kualoa, Illustrations by Sharon Alshams, Island Heritage, 1999. (Buy this book at Island Heritage)

Stephen Grant (Cote d'Ivoire 1964–66)

  • Images de Guinee, with P. Durr, B. Sivan, E. Tompapa, Conakry, Guinea: Editions Imprimerie Mission Catholique, 1991
  • Former Points of View: Postcards & Literary Passages from Pre-Independence Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia: Lontar, 1995
  • Postales Salvadorenas del Ayer/Early Salvadoran Postcards, San Salvador, El Salvador: Fundacion Maria Escalon de Nunez, 1999
  • Peter Strickland: New London Shipmaster, Boston Merchant, First Consul to Senegal, Washington, DC: New Academia, 2007 (Buy this book)

Harlan Green (Turkey 1964–66)

  • Deeply Held Dreams and Memories, self-published, 2002 (Buy from author)

Jim Gregory (Colombia 1961–63)

  • Letters from the Peace Corps (contributor), Washington: Robert B. Luce, Inc., 1964

Jay Spencer Grendahl (Nigeria 1966–68)

  • The Mad Dog Press Archives: A Novel, G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1970
  • Romance on Your Hands: Palmistry for Lovers, Llewellyn Publications, 1990; 1995
  • Astrology and the Games People Play: A Tool for Self-Understanding in Work and Relationship, Llewellyn Publications, 1994 (Buy this book)

Robert E. Gribbin (Kenya 1968–70)

  • State of Decay: An Oubangui Chronicle, ; A Novel of African Adventure, InfinityPublishing.com, 2001 (Buy at Buybookontheweb.com) REVIEW
  • In the Aftermath of Genocide: The U.S. Role in Rwanda, iUniverse, 2005 (Buy this book) REVIEW

Camilla Griffiths (Jamaica 1985–87)

  • At Home in the World: The Peace Corps Story, contributor, Peace Corps/USGPO, 1996

Lawrence Grobel (Ghana 1968–71)

  • Conversations with Capote, with a foreword by James A. Michener, NY: New American Library, 1985; DaCapo Press, 2000 (Buy this book)
  • The Hustons, NY: Macmillan (Scribnrer's Sons), 1989; NY: Avon, 1990; Cooper Square Pub. 2000.
  • Conversations with Brando, NY: Hyperion, 1991; Cooper Square Publishers, 1999 (paperback reprint) (Buy this book)
  • Talking with Michener, University Press of Mississippi, 1999 (Buy this book)
  • Above the Line: Conversations about the Movies, Da Capo Press, 2000 (Buy this book)
  • Endangered Species: Writers Talk about Their Craft, Their Vision, Their Lives, with Robert Towne, Da Capo press, 2001 (Buy this book)
  • Climbing Higher, with Montel Williams, New American Library, 2004 (Buy this book)
  • The Art of the Interview: Lessons from a Master of the Craft, Three Rivers Press, 2004

Richard M. Gross (Brazil 1968–70)

  • Personal Political Perplexing Poems & Essays, Berkeley, Ca: Conservation Press, 1999

Sarah Grossman (Paraguay 1983–85)

  • Lesbian Travels: A Literary Companion, contributor, Whereabout Press, 1998 (Buy this book)

Edward R. Gruber (Nigeria 1962–64)

  • Functional Organization of the Tectum of the Tiger Salamander (Ambystoma Tigrinum), BCL, 1969
  • Beyond Cholesterol: Vitamin B-B6-S, Arteriosclerosis and Your Heart [and Stephen A., Raymond], St. Martins Press, 1981 (Buy this book)

Stephen R. Grummon (Iran 1970–72)

  • The Iran-Iraq War: Islam Embattled, Washington, D.C.: Center for Strategic and International Studies, Georgetown University ; New York: Praeger, 1982.

Imagine a House

Angela Gustafson (Dominican Republic 1994–96)

  • Imagine a House: A Journey to Fascinating Houses around the World, Out of the Box, 2003 (Buy this book)
    PEACE CORPS WRITERS Best Children's Writing Award winner, 2004

Beryl Gutnick (Phillipines 1989–90)

  • Later Maybe, Lot’s Wife Publishing, 2000 REVIEW
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